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We make homes safe. Committed to quality and client satisfaction, CCTV Planet becomes your best choice to get a CCTV job done at your home/office/any premises.

Why do you need a CCTV installed!

Crimes in Liverpool have gone up by 10% in the year 2018 as compared to 2017. The criminals are trying everything to break through and do their act!

The only way to save oneself from this is to be aware about what is happening. And to be aware of what is happening at home when you are at the office or vice versa is of utmost importance! Get one of our CCTV systems installed today to make your home and office secure from these crooks!

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Getting your home automated or getting a CCTV system installed. It’s simple! Just follow these 4 steps.

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Testimonials What our customers say

Anastasia Stone
Business Analyst

I got a CCTV installed at my IT company from ABIS way back in 2010.  We expanded the business and hence needed CCTV done for the new office! I chose ABIS and needless to say, they took no time and everything was wrapped up smooth and perfectly like before!

Patrick James
Top Manager

A professional and friendly service, very reliable. Efficiency in carrying out work is excellent. Highly recommend to anyone looking to install a new alarm or CCTV system.

Steven Rashford
Truck Driver

Excellent professional service all round. They go through everything with you on what job was carried out to how to use the equipment. They installed 42 cameras at our offices here. Their prices were very good compared to any other companies around.

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Get a CCTV system installed right now! Packages starting as low as £399 for comprehensive CCTV security system for your home!

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